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How much “more” will it cost to hire a Deaf employee over a Hearing employee?
  • There is no special equipment necessary.
  • The only accommodations need is for interpreter(s) for training time and meetings (department, one-on-one meetings, etc.). From a cost perspective, all other new Deaf/Hard of Hearing hires are otherwise identical to Hearing hires.
  • There are tax credits available for hiring individuals with a “disability” and the accommodations provided, such as an interpreter when needed. (see www.ada.gov).
What is the potential customer/client reach?
  • There are 3 million estimated ASL users in the United States.
  • There are millions more family and friends.
  • An appropriate marketing and social media campaign announcing the initiative captures tens of millions of views.
  • All of the above positively impact and spotlight inclusive companies and improve reputation by drawing in customers who appreciate your commitment to accessibility.
How is growth and retention supported?
  • We utilize forecasting software to ascertain needs currently and in the future.
  • CSD Neighborhood has target markets to qualified Deaf candidates for job positions as they open throughout the US.
  • CSD can support your in-house hiring and recruitment efforts, or you can outsource them to CSD to handle the hiring and management.
  • Reporting features: Weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting allows full control of monitoring.
What experience do you have in implementation?
  • From finding the right technology that works for your organization, to recruiting, hiring, managing, and retaining employees, we have both the cultural understanding and experience needed for success.
  • We work with you to generate an implementation timeline that best matches your organizations identified goals and objectives.
What is the timeline to implement?


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